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DearContact | a content marketing cookbook
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DearContact | a content marketing cookbook

DearContact’s mobile marketing automation platform is about managing contacts, not email addresses. They want you to get to know your customer by not only the mobile device that they use, but where they use it and when. Effective mobile marketing depends on being in the right place at the right time. DearContact is one-stop-shop for mobile automated marketing and analytics with a user-friendly interface. DearContact loves analytics. In fact, their enthusiastic CEO once said, “if we have the information, we will use it,” because what good is all this data if you can’t get see the bigger picture? DearContact came to us with one project that turned into two. (Click to read more about MailInfluence). Each project is different and we take the time to get to know each one. DearContact needed engaging website content to make the boring technical stuff readable and understandable. This required coming up with a distinct tone and voice for DearContact, as well as a straightforward website structure that was easy to navigate.

Here’s what we produced for DearContact:

Original website content including product user guides
Website structure
Original blog articles
Blog identity
Original typography and food photography

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