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Rabaconda’s Community Management
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Rabaconda’s Community Management

Rabaconda’s primary product is the 3-Minute Mousse Changer, designed by and for dirt bike riders to be the easiest and fastest way to change a tire. It’s a premium product and the best on the market. When Rabaconda first came to us in early 2014, they knew they didn’t have the in-house staff to produce engaging content and manage their online presence on a consistent basis. So Stoneful stepped in to provide community management and then some. How did we get our fingers on the fast pulse of this niche community? With a bit of immersive research (and some trial and error), we figured out that they like their content like they like their bikes: dirty, but still top shelf.

Rabaconda’s Community Management (here’s what it takes):

Original content creation







Social Media and Campaign Management

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


Reviews, reviews, reviews

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