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Pitch Workshops

We give innovators what it takes

to pitch at the Mobile World Congress

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We give innovators what it takes to pitch at the Mobile World Congress

From premise to delivery, your audience deserves to be engaged. Whether it is a two-day pitch workshop for your team or a friendly ghost to get your message and visuals into shape for that high-stakes presentation, you will see goddamn fine results. Start by checking out the site or sending your pitch to

What folks say about us

"Gleb can really energise the room and inspire students to perform at their best. He has this persistent ability to shape every person into a confident, engaging and passionate presenter."

- Rene Rebane, Trinidad Consulting

"Stoneful's two day pitching workshop brought my presentation skills to the next level. The second prize at the MIT GSW pitching competition boosted my confidence even further. I recommend asking for Stoneful's help when preparing a high-stakes speech."

- Rudolf Osman, Cybernetica

"Gleb is like a hands-on therapist who guides you with smart questions and tips until you get your message and visuals pitch perfect for your audience."

- Kaspar Roost, Swedbank

Grow a story spine

Confidence comes from preparation. Memorable messages have always followed structure since Aristotle’s Poetics to Duarte’s sparkline of the 2007 iPhone launch speech. Your message will need to be heard on and shared beyond the stage. The question is:

Are you ready to deliver?

In three intensive days, we can turn your talk, pitch, story, sales presentation, lecture, or any other speech into a powerful tool of persuasion that will ignite the hearts and minds of your audience. Pick a format that fits best with your training schedule.

  • 1:1 session

    Send your slide deck, script or a recording of yourself and schedule a Skype call for individual feedback.

    Duration: 1-2 hours

  • 1 day seminar

    A day will not make you “Jobs-like” but it sure as hell will teach you how to write out and practice for that major talk.

    Duration: 6 - 8 hours

  • 2 day workshop

    Two days set the stage for a lot of crucial rehearsal time and feedback rounds from the trainers and participants.

    Duration: 10 - 12 hours

  • 3 day course

    In three days, you can see the before-and-after effect with a second round of rewritten, feedback adjusted, thoroughly rehearsed pitches.

    Duration: 16 - 18 hours